Commenting on the Draft Island Plan

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Commenting on the Draft Island Plan

Time is running out for to comments on the draft Strategic Island Plan which is currently out for consultation by the Isle of Wight Council until 1 October.

The adoption of this plan by the Council will be critical for securing the long term undeveloped future of the Donkey Field and the Farmers Field. Many of you will know that the 2018 draft included the Donkey Field and Farmers Field for development (ref HA073). The 2021 draft now excludes HA073. The Council has decided that the fields do not fit with their planning strategy because they lie outside the relevant settlement boundaries. This is very welcome news although we would stress that until the draft is formally adopted it is possible that the position may change. We must do our utmost to ensure that the 2021 Plan is adopted with HA073 excluded.

Comments can be made via the Council’s Web Site but we have set up this page on which you will find the Comments Form as a pdf or as a Word Document and Evidence Paper B along with pointers to the salient points contained within it on which you may care to comment and support. Details as to how to submit the completed forms to the Council are on the forms and below.

In this regard we would ask you please to read ‘Evidence Paper B’ and provide supporting comments to the Council on the points which underpin the decision to exclude HA073 from the plan. You can do this either on the portal to be found at or by email at .

Evidence Paper B is short and can be read quickly. The particular paragraphs to which we would draw
your attention are and ask you to comment on favourably are:
• agree with the reduced numbers of new houses in 2.9 and 2.10
• agree with the guiding principles in 3.1, a, b & c
• agree wholeheartedly with the removals in 4.3 for sustainability reasons
• agree wholeheartedly with the removals in 4.6 for sustainability reasons
• agree with 4.8.iv

Please provide your comments to the Council by 1 October 2021.