Planning Application on the Donkey Field – 21/01776/FUL. Proposed construction of 9 dwellings with associated access, car parking, landscaping and highway works. Land to the rear of Solent View Road, with access off Seagrove Manor Road.

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The Objection by Island Roads can be seen here and the Objection by the Rights of Way Officer can be seen here.

On 5th and 15th October we sent Newsletters to Supporters giving them details of the grounds on which to Object to the application. The 5th October Newsletter can be seen here and the 15th October Newsletter here.

*** Please bear in mind that this application is NOT the same as the application on the Farmers’ Field and needs to be commented on separately not relying on any comments you may have made on the Farmers’ Field application but reiterating the same points again *** have asked the Council that the applications on the Farmer’s Field and Donkey Field be considered together given their interdependence but unless and until that happens separate comments on both applications are required.

The following was sent to our Registered Supporters on 28 September 2021. The documents comprising the initial application are as set out further below and these will be added to as comments are made etc.

Dear Supporter,

A Planning Application has been submitted! For the construction of nine dwellings on the Donkey Field with access via Seagrove Manor Road and Seagrove Farm Road through the Farmers Field

Reference 21/01776/FUL.

The application and supporting documents can be viewed by clicking this link or are set out below.

Comments on the application to the Isle of Wight Council have to be received by 22 October 2021. We ask Supporters to visit the application and to start considering their views. We will, shortly, be sending out a further communication drawing attention to the material considerations which we believe are relevant to this application.

We understand there will be a meeting of the Parish Council on 18 October at which this application will be considered which you might care to attend and to which written comments can be made in advance, again we will be issuing further advice in this regard.

If you commented on the Farmer’s Field Application and think this current application is just ‘more of the same’ because both applications propose to share an access route via Seagrove Manor Road please think again. It is essential that comments are made in respect of the application on the Donkey Field on a stand alone basis.

Planning Application Documents

Advert 27 August

Application Form

Planning Statement

Design and Access Statement

Existing Site Plan

Site Plan Location

Proposed Site Plan

Transport Statement

Roads Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 3, Plan 4, Plan 5

Block Plan

Tree Report

Arborist Report

Drainage Report

Plots 1 & 2 Design

Plot 3 Design

Plot 4 Design

Plots 5 & 6 Design

Plot 7 Design

Plot 8 Design

Plot 9 Design

Plots 8 & 9 Garages