Farmer’s Field Planning Application June 2021 Ref 21/00779/FUL.

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Our response to the applicants additional transport information cane be seen here (21/10/21)

Update 27 July 2021.

Isle of Wight Council – Code of practice for Members and Officers Dealing with Planning Matters . It can be seen here. has commissioned a report by Cotswold Transport Planning which has been submitted to the Council as an Objection to the application. It can be seen here. has commissioned a report by Whaleback Ltd, Planning Consultants which has been submitted to the Council as an Objection to the application. It can be seen here.

The objection by the Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council can be seen here.

Bob Seely, our MP, has objected and this can be seen here.

An objection submitted on behalf of CPRE can be seen here.

The Supporting Statement submitted by the Applicant’s Agent can now be seen here.

The Tree Officers Report can be seen here.


The following was sent to our Registered Supporters on 6 June 2021. The documents comprising the initial application are as set out further below and these will be added to as comments are made etc.

Dear Supporter


 Following up on our e-mail to you earlier this week we have set out below both how to object to the planning application on the Farmers Field and what we believe are the most relevant grounds for objection from the perspective of the planning process. It is critical that objections are made to the planning application (21/00779/FUL) before the deadline of 25 June 2021.

You can best object by going to the Isle of Wight Council’s planning section of its website: go to “Planning Development” and select “Application search, view and comment” – press on the link “planning register” and search on 21/00779/FUL.  You will need to register and login to comment in this way.

You can also object by email to or by letter to Planning Services, Seaclose Offices, Fairlee Road, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 2QS citing 21/00779/FUL. Your email or letter will be posted on the public website with all the other comments, but your objections will be posted more quickly if the website is used.

In addition to the above, we would also ask you to email our local councillor, Dave Adams , to say that you object to the application. We want Dave to be able to say that he has had 100s of objections made to him personally.

It is important to make objections which are relevant and ones to which the Planning Committee will have regard. In order to assist in that task, we have set out below a list of questions which we believe, if addressed, will result in objections that the Council cannot ignore. They are not exhaustive and please do not feel constrained by them. It is not necessary to address them all and you can give such weight to them as you see fit. The idea is that the objections should be in your own words and accord with your own views or particular concerns. The key message to get across is that the adverse impact of the proposed development significantly and demonstrably outweighs any benefit it may bring. We have provided references to the Island’s Strategic Policies (on the planning website) and one National Planning Policy which might help you frame your objections. Do use the policy references where applicable.

We believe that Eton College may try to piggy-back on the Farmers’ Field planning application and seek to extend the access road in that application to enable development of the Donkey Field. The threat of development on both fields is real. Access is a key issue. In this regard, do please read the Transport Statement that forms part of the application and the report from Island Roads which recommends the application be refused because of the constraints and unsuitable features of Seagrove Farm Road, Seagrove Manor Road and Old Seaview Lane.

Best wishes

Your Committee

Please click on this RELEVANT OBJECTIONS link to view and / or download the relevant grounds for formulating objections


The following was sent to our Registered Supporters on 2 June 2021. The documents comprising the initial application are as set out further below and these will be added to as comments are made etc.

Dear Supporter,

A Planning Application has been submitted! For the construction of eight dwellings at Seagrove Farm Road

Reference 21/00779/FUL.

This land is the Farmer’s Field, a green-field site lying to the north of the Donkey Field and separated from it by the bridleway and public footpath running from Solent View Road to Seagrove Farm Road.

The application and supporting documents can be viewed by clicking this link 

Comments on the application to the Isle of Wight Council have to be received by 25 June 2021. We ask Supporters to visit the application and to start considering their views. We will, shortly, be sending out a further communication drawing attention to the material considerations which we believe are relevant to this application.

We understand there will be a special meeting of the Planning Committee of the Parish Council which you might care to attend and to which written comments can be made in advance, again we will be issuing further advice in this regard.

If granted, this development could open up an access route in to the Donkey Field to the south, thereby facilitating access for further development on that green field site. Island Roads have already submitted their Highways Representation report recommending refusal of the application and we will be studying their representation, as will the highways consultant with whom we have been working.  

Planning Application Documents