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This website is dedicated to the preservation of the Donkey Field and adjacent field from development. It has been set up by concerned residents of Nettlestone and Seaview and others who wish to preserve the green fields that separate their villages and which provide the two communities and their visitors with iconic views to Seagrove Bay and St Helen’s Fort, a green corridor for wildlife, flowers and grasses and the distinctive character of the seaside. 

We currently have more than 130 registered Supporters and you can see the membership of the Committee and the Constitution here.

Our Supporters have asked how they can help save the Donkey Field in a more tangible way including donating monies. Over £7,500 has been spent since 2008 when this campaign actually began, 2/3rd of which has been incurred since 2020, and costs are ongoing largely on legal and practical access issues. Access will, we believe and our research supports this, be the biggest on-the-ground issue, in pure planning terms, that a developer needs to overcome and we have constructed, and continue to marshal, powerful arguments, including taking Counsel’s opinion, as to why access cannot be satisfactorily resolved from the developers standpoint especially if the yield envisaged by the IoW Council of 25 houses across both site is to be met. This is an ongoing project and incurs ongoing cost currently being incurred by the Committee and any support you can give would therefore be welcome. We now have a donation facility using PayPal, Debit or Credit card which can be accessed here.

The Donkey field is under threat. A planning application for up to 25 houses across both sites is to be made.

“ ….. a planning application which the College hopes to submit in the coming months…”                               Eton College  25 September 2020                                             

In anticipation of that application, the landscape is already being irremediably altered: Eton College has felled a beautiful, healthy, hundred year-old oak tree that has stood for generations. New housing is of course required to meet the island’s needs but those needs can be met from brown-field sites.


There have been seven pre-planning applications on the fields since 2015. Details have been obtained from the IoW Council by way of Freedom of Information requests. They can be seen in detail, with plans, here and an example from 2019 is set out below.

Our MP, Bob Seely opposes development. He has written a stark letter to Eton College to that effect and has strongly rebuked them for the destruction of the oak tree. To see extracts from Bob’s address to the House of Commons on his strategy for Island housing click here.

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